Through the Summer Stage or Summer Campus we offer the possibility for the players to choose which weeks of summer (June, July and August) they want to come to our high performance center to feel and taste the experience of training as any professional player.

This program offers players from around the world the opportunity to come to our center to be able to enjoy our training system as well as to improve certain aspects of their game. For this, they will have a personalized training plan consisting of 20 hours a week of training on the court and 11 hours a week of physical training.

We will make a comprehensive study to every player who enrolls in the summer camp to identify:

  • His/her playing style
  • Mobility on the court
  • Functional movement
  • Strength
  • Flexibility
  • Nutrition
  • Physical and mental condition

According to the evaluation of the complete study, the assessment of the Academy personnel, the opinions of the player, parents and coaches responsible, a personalized training and directed program will be established. Short and long-term objectives will be set to guide the development of the player with a detailed technical report indicating the aspects to work during their stay at the Summer Campus.

Accommodation & Residence

Both the players and their families can be accommodated in our residence located in theInternational School Lope de Vega in Benidorm or we can find them apartments or family houses in locations close to our offices (Jávea or Benidorm).

If the students choose to come on their own, our staff would be responsible for picking them up at the arrival airport and take them to our residence located in Benidorm. The Residence has supervisors and security personnel 24 hours a day to ensure the peace and security of the players at all times.

Players must adhere compulsorily to internal rules, behavior, permits, schedules and a system of notifications governing the entrances and exits of the high performance center.




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