Adult paddle classes 

  • They are given to players of all levels: beginners, advanced and competition.
  • Groups of up to 3 students on the court.

Paddle classes for children (from 7 years old)

  • They are given to children of all levels: beginners, advanced and competition
  • Groups of up to 6 students on the court for beginners.
  • Groups of up to 4 students on the court for advanced and competition.

Mini paddle classes (between 4 and 6 years old)

  • Introduction to the basic strokes, coordination games with ball and foot movements.
  • Groups of 6 to 8 students on the court.

More Information & Reservation


  • National Paddle Teacher by the Professional Paddle Register, Level 1 and Level 2.
  • National Tennis Teacher by the Professional Tennis Register, Level 1, Level 2 , Level 3  and Level 4.


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